Aerobic Workout Music

Perfect for LDS Missionaries

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Our music is used in MTC aerobics classes. It's based on LDS hymns with upbeat tempos -- there are no lyrics -- just great music that's perfect for your workout and appropriate for missionaries.


Below are some sample songs from our albums.

Click on the song titles with links to hear samples.

TitleAlbumBeats per MinuteTime
Israel, Israel God is CallingHymnMix 11342:55
Come Ye Thankful PeopleHymnMix 11382:53
Did You Think to Pray?HymnMix 11402:45
Improve the Moments/SunshineHymnMix 11383:15
Father Thy Children to Thee Now RaiseHymnMix 21352:58
For the Beauty of the EarthHymnMix 21352:50
Come Unto HimHymnMix 21373:06
Praise to the ManHymnMix 21393:06