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Our music is used in MTC aerobics classes. It's based on LDS hymns with upbeat tempos -- there are no lyrics -- just great music that's perfect for your workout and appropriate for missionaries.


about the album

HymnMix 5 is approximately 35 minutes long. It includes a warm-up and a cool-down song and 10 workout songs.

Click on the song titles with links to hear samples.

TrackTitleBeats per MinuteTime
1The Lord is My Light1263:10
2Arise, O Glorious Zion1362:53
3Let Us All Press On1372:16
4Glorious Things Are Sung 1382:51
5Love at Home1382:50
6In Hymns of Praise1392:51
7Come, Ye Children of the Lord1402:52
8Come O Thou King of Kings1402:47
9Hark, All Ye Nations1422:44
10Let Zion in her Beauty Rise1422:41
11God Be With You1362:58
12The Lord is My Light1263:10

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