Aerobic Workout Music

Perfect for LDS Missionaries

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Our music is used in MTC aerobics classes. It's based on LDS hymns with upbeat tempos -- there are no lyrics -- just great music that's perfect for your workout and appropriate for missionaries.



All the music at is arranged by Jolene Taylor. Jolene is a piano teacher who also volunteers at her church as an aerobics class instructor.

When working out in the church gym, Jolene felt that some of the available music wasn't appropriate or uplifting. So she decided to use the church hymnal and experiment. She arranged and recorded several hymns and tried them out in her class. The women loved working out to music with a motivating beat that didn't have distracting or offensive lyrics. In fact, many of them commented that they like having the words of the familiar hymns going through their minds while working out!

The Provo MTC was looking for aerobics music that would be appropriate for missionary aerobics classes. The MTC sports director was very happy when he came across our music, and now it's used in MTC aerobics classes.

After exhausting many of the available hymns, Jolene is also doing some classical music arrangements to add variety. These will be coming soon!